ACHILLES® Cut Resistant HOCKEY Socks

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ACHILLES® cut-resistant skate socks, “the equipment has received clearance from the NHL for use in NHL games.” Many professional hockey players in the NHL use our product. 
ACHILLES® skate socks are made with a high performance cut-resistant HPPE fiber which provides protection from skate blade lacerations. APPROVED AT CUT LEVEL 4
High performance cut-resistant fibers pull heat away from the body. Does not absorb water as kevlar products do ! Keeps your feet dry !
Mesh zone on top of the foot gives added ventilation combined with a non-obtrusive toe seam for maximum comfort.
Naturally anti-microbial.
Sock color is white & black with our ACHILLES® and Hogan Hockey™ logos, plus the size stitched into every sock for easy pairing when laundering.