How to Avoid the Avoidable

So as I sat at my computer on Monday morning, I started it off like every other day by reading the hockey section on and to my suprise I caught the headline "Sens prospect shares gruesome photo after he was cut by opponents skate". Now to me, I couldn't help myself as I had to open the article and see what the photo was about, and just as the headline pointed out there it was in full plain view a photo of the players wrist sliced wide open for all to see. Also included in the article was a nice video that was tagged in there that showed the play in which it happened. As anyone who read the article or watched the video will see that unfortunately these injuries can happen in a blink of an eye, and a player can be totally caught off guard until it is too late. Fortunately in this case the Sens prospect was able to get immediate medical attention and was rushed to the hospital where he looks as though he will ok though he will have a nice large scar on his writs as a reminder that if he had just protected himself with a pair of cut resistant writs guards he wouldn't have missed a shift.

Now I hope that everyone knows that I am not harping on this player, just that I have seen more an more players going down to skate lacerations more and more often. I wish that I could point why this is, but all that I know is that they new skates are getting lighter and the players are going deeper on their blade hallows, which has made the skates a lot sharper and more able to cut. Also it isn't just in the Pro's where these players are getting injured, as not a day goes by that I don't receive an email from a potential customer as they or their child have gotten themselves cut by a skate. I wish that I could say how many emails that I read that start off by I am writing to you in the emergency room waiting for the doctor...,and end with how do I buy your product as I needed it like yesterday.  All of this which leads me to How to Avoid the Avoidable, and my answer there is purchasing cut resistant apparel such as the ACHILLES® Hockey line. Though there are many manufacturers that offer the cut resistant apparel, don't get caught up with what the bigger companies have to offer as bigger isn't always better. I can say from our extensive testing that the ACHILLES® Hockey line is a rated to be at a Level 5 (highest) from the EN 388 standard, which exceeds that of our competition as other socks have averaged a Level 3. What makes the ACHILLES® Hockey line so great, is the UHMWPE® fibres that we use in our protective areas. UHMWPE® is a fibre that is 60% more lighter and stronger than Kevlar® which is used in many other socks. Another benefit for UHMWPE® is that it is water and heat resistant, which make the player feel cooler the more that they sweat. Lastly one major benefit of UHMWPE® is that it is machine washable and able to go in the dryer. Unlike Kevlar®, which looses its strength when washed and UHMWPE® keeps its strength and doesn't loose its effectiveness. 

If you are looking to protect yourself or your child, than I highly recommend wearing  the ACHILLES® Hockey line of cut resistant apparel as this the best way to Avoid the Avoidable.